fCommerce and Magento

facebook commerce or fcommerce or f-commerce is the word used for online purchase of products or services through facebook.

It is a subset of social commerce.This involve the social media as the platform for online store. The term social commerce was used first by Yahoo! in 2005.

Social commerce helps users to get advise from people already purchased or used the service. This helps the buyer to make more informed decision. People trust these advise in the social media than the input from a sales person at the store.

The fashion industry has made huge progress in the social media. Social inputs include ratings, reviews, referrals etc.It was found recently in a research that 65% of those people who clicked‘Like’ really like your brand. According toAmy SingeOwner & Creative Director, Sterling & Hyde a proper fcommerce strategy and implementation can help to :

  • Increase online sales
  • Increase fans
  • Get more customer reviews for social proof
  • Helping customers to involve in your business
  • Getting feedback for product and service improvement.

From the marketing point, three take away mentioned by Tim West Strategy Director, White Labelled during Magentolive Sydney are:

  • Focus content on your subject expertise
  • Use what you know about your customers every where
  • Test, test and test to find what are working the best for you.

Magento has extensions available to connect to facebook and facilitate fcommerce. If you are interested in fcommerce for your Magento store; please keep in touch.

Note: Some suggestions by experts heard during Magentolive.

a. When taking picture for FB take normal pictures from real life. There is no need of Studio quality pictures.
b. Try to connect your brand and products/services.
c. Explore ways to empower customers.

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