MagentoLive Sydney 2013- An update

Eldhose with Roy Rubin, Co-founder and CEO of Magento

This year for the first time, Magneto Live came to Sydney, Australia. We hope that one-day Imagine conference will happen in this beautiful city down under.

Magneto was represented in this conference by Roy Rubin, Co-founder and CEO of Magento. Other senior Magentoteam members included:-

Jimmy Duvall
Head of Product, Magento

Ben Pressley
Head of Worldwide Sales, Magento

Gary Forman
Director of Marketing, Magento

It was great to hear from these leaders first hand and interact with them.

Magento is very popular in Australia. 42% ( Alexa 1M) of Australian online stores are running onMagento against the global average of 26%.

These days Enterprice edition getting huge attention. 1.13 version performance evaluation by Jimmy Duvall Head of Product, Magento showed huge improvement in performance compared to Previous versions.

Magento 2 is going to the next big thing in Magento. As per the projection it should be ready to lauch by 2014.

For quality extension developers there is good news. Magneto is doing some good house keeping in Magneto connect- the Magento extensions market place. Last year they removed 2500 extensions from Magneto connect for inferior quality of the extensions.

For partners also there is good quality screening happening from Magento. They focus on quality of partners and don’t allow every one to become partners. In other words those want to become a partner need to prove quality of the solutions and capability.

Magneto certified developers crossed 1600 mark and it is great to see more people are taking interest in getting certified.

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