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Responsive Design Consulting

With the rapid rise of the number of customers accessing your website on mobile devices, a key consideration facing every business is how to make their content available to users over multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, tablet computers and mobile phones. At Excellone Technologies we have extensive experience in Responsive Design Consulting and we will advise you on the best strategy to take to ensure that your content is available across multiple platforms without any distortion. Responsive design not just detects the device that a user is accessing the site from and adapts the content accordingly; it automatically rearranges the content even in the event of resizing of the browser window on a desktop computer.

Although there are different ways to get a website to work well on a small screen such as on a mobile phone, responsive design is only one of those. Another option is to have separate versions of your website for different devices, many websites have a mobile version of their website and the site detects the device and feeds either the regular site or the mobile version. This means that while responsive design restyles the exact same content of a web page to better fit the kind of screen that the content is being viewed on, mobile-specific sites change and remove parts of the content and change the navigation to suite smaller slower mobile devices. Most mobile-specific sites are also usually optimised to be very lightweight to compensate for slow data connections.

Our Responsive Design Consulting professionals will help answer your questions like, "How important is it to have a responsive site for my business?" and "Which method is the most effective: Responsive Design or Mobile-Specific?" While a website must be usable on a small screen device in the majority of cases because many people use mobile devices to access websites, it is not true of every website, for example there may be business web apps where the vast majority of users access them through on laptops or desktop computers. So before you decide on whether to go for Responsive Design or not, you need to consider the advice of our consulting experts.