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Web Development Consulting

Web development is our core focus at Excellone Technologies and our expert web development consultants will make every effort to fully understand your online needs and provide you with a roadmap to achieve digital success. Our web development consulting solutions leverage our expertise in open-source technologies and whether your requirement is for a basic company website or a complex business application, we will give you just the right advice that you need.

As part of our web development consultancy services, we will provide a comprehensive solution for your digital strategy for taking your business online, including web pages, blogs, graphics, audio, video, animation, content, social media and specialised web apps. We will study your specific market and your competitors, and we will analyse your product and service portfolio and tell you what approach to take, what will work, and what won't, based on our experience.

And we understand that most business owners and professionals would rather let expert web consultants advise them on online strategy than for them to take a trial and error method to achieve their goals for the digital market. In addition, our web consultants are passionate about innovation, quality and performance, so you can rest assured that we will be focussed on obtaining the best possible solution for your business.

Our web development consulting is based on the latest online standards and platforms, so you can be assured of a fully functional, best-in-class website that is based on Drupal or WordPress as the specifics of your requirements and our analysis would indicate. If you want to develop an online store we recommend Magento or Drupal Commerce. In addition, we will explain the factors that affect online visibility and conversion rates, and develop the right content and promote your website through search engines and social media.

Our web development consulting team will look after your solution from conception to completion. Whether it is a website revamp, additional functionality for an existing site or the creation of a new website from scratch, we have a variety of options ranging from mid to low-budget to complete Content Management Systems and eCommerce solutions.