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Content Management

After your Content Research and Analysis and Content Creation are both done and you have just the content that you need in your hand, how do you get it across to the growing legions of consumers when they want it and in the format they want it? We have extensive experience preparing and packaging your content for digital delivery in a scalable, fast and flexible manner to a variety of platforms in a variety of formats.

Our expert Content Management team manages all types of digitised content across multiple platforms, databases and applications. Our content management services provide a platform for website content management, content integration, imaging and digital asset management.

We offer content management services that will keep your digital content fresh, compelling and engaging. Our services will help inject your website, blog or social media account with dynamic content, rich media and personalisation. Excellone Technologies has experience managing the content for websites, blogs, mobile sites and social media accounts for organisations of different sizes and needs.

And with our expertise in Content management Systems such as Drupal and Wordpress, we offer implementations of these content management systems that will automate most of the menial tasks traditionally associated with content management such as manually reviewing, re-formatting into HTML and publishing the content to a website.

Some of the critical factors that we consider while devising a content management strategy for your organisation are the geographic dispersion of your business, the number of customers, vendors and employees that would access your content, and the diversity of forms of electronic data held by you. In addition to plain text documents, critical data may also exist in other forms like images, audio, video and technical diagrams, and we take this into account while managing your content.