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Content Research & Analysis

A winning content strategy for interactive media is not arrived at based on a hard and fast set of rules, but from a process starting with researching the target audience, the beneficiaries of your content, from multiple angles and gaining invaluable insights that will help you to connect with them. Since successful content strategy starts with Content Research and Analysis, before you can create and promote your content, you need to fully understand who your target customers are and what they are looking for. Content research provides critical information like who the target audience is, what the major keywords should be, how your competitors present their content and so on.

Content Research and Analysis effort would also cover key themes and messages to figure in your content and also create a list of recommended topics. It is essential that enough attention is paid to the purpose of your content so that it is clear how the content will connect audience needs and business requirements. At Excellone Technologies we have been involved in content research, analysis and creation for many years and have a dedicated content strategy team that will ensure that your content is engaging and effective.

Our content strategists utilise user research or personas to decide what type of content type is needed, what copy formats are preferred, what tone of voice is most suitable and so on.
We are also experts in content audit and content gap analysis. During the Content Audit, we will document all the text, images and videos that constitute your web presence. And during content Gap Analysis, our content strategists will determine what content is missing and what needs to be improved.