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User Experience Design

User Experience Design is critical in how your potential customers form their first impressions about how your business is perceived digitally.

It addresses all aspects of your products and services as perceived by users, and encompasses the “look and feel” of your organisation's website, the user's initial awareness and discovery of the offering, the way the content is arranged, the ease of navigation through your website and how a customer interacts with your website. Ultimately, it is your visitors' impression of your website that matters.

Bad user experience design leads to your visitors getting confused and frustrated trying to do what they want to do on your website and then leaving your website midway through and never coming back. This might occur as they are searching for information about a particular service or product you offer, or it could happen in the middle of a checkout process with your products in their shopping cart! Good user experience design, on the other hand, leads to an immersive, intuitive and engaging experience for your visitors and a profitable interaction for you. No matter how robust and technologically advanced a website is, in order to provide a powerful and engaging experience to your customers, careful attention must be paid to the critical discipline of User Experience Design. What began as more or less static websites years ago have now become highly interactive and dynamic websites today with the advances in technology and research into customers' online behaviour.

If the development of early websites was driven by what the web designer thought was “cool” and what the client liked, with little or no thought of how users of the website would “experience” it, the situation has changed today. Now it is all about how your potential customer enjoys visiting your site, navigating through it, and finding the information that he or she is looking for.

At Excellone Technologies, we understand the primacy of user experience very well. We ensure that while your website still remains “cool” to look at, it is also, more importantly, easy for your customers to visit and use. Our website design and development processes make sure that user experience design has been factored in throughout each stage. All aspects of User Experience Design like Visual Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design and Usability are well taken care of in the solutions that we develop for you.