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Magento Development

Businesses today need to do a lot of things well in order to remain competitive in the digital economy. One key differentiator that will increasingly set successful eCommerce companies apart from the stragglers is the availability of a robust eCommerce system.

And as far as providing a powerful and flexible solution that address the full range of eCommerce needs is concerned, Magento is very good. Magento eCommerce's feature rich CMS provides more scope and flexibility than any other eCommerce software on the market today as it can be easily tailored to meet the needs of any eCommerce project.

The Magento eCommerce development platform is one of the most widely used Open Source eCommerce Platforms in the world today and provides unmatched scalability, flexibility and features for your online business. Magento offers you complete flexibility and control over the content, presentation and functionality of your online store. Some of the leading global companies like Samsung, Harvey Norman, Lindt Chocolates, Kookaï, Bing Lee, Mikimoto, The North Face, Kookaï, Lindt Chocolates, Olympus, OfficeMax and around 150,000 other businesses rely on Magento for their eCommerce needs.

Excellone Technologies's team of expert offshore Magento programmers understands how important it is to find the right solutions to make your online store ideally suited to your business. And a critical part of a successful Magento eCommerce development project is the development of customised Magento modules.

Magento's customisability to meet the unique requirements of each eCommerce site on the web is one of its greatest strengths, offering you solutions as diverse as one-click checkout extensions, custom-made reservation solutions and professional website templates. Wherever required, we also develop modules that increase the efficiency of your website, improve customer experience and maximise revenues.

Magento offers a wide range of compatibility for other applications and coding languages so that in instances where the requirements of your website are best served by third-party applications, our offshore Magento developers can easily build that application into the Magento architecture when compared with other competing eCommerce platforms. For a seamless eCommerce operation, we will integrate a multitude of different software systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), stock management systems, payment processing systems and logistics and delivery systems to provide you with solutions that meet your business goals and expectations.

The selection of an appropriate eCommerce platform and CMS is essential in creating your online store, and the success of your eCommerce website will depend on the number of new and repeat customers you are able to attract. Digital marketing, a tweaked content strategy, attractive visual design and a pleasant user experience are some of the factors that will help bring new visitors to your eCommerce website. Creating intuitive navigation, innovative and relevant content and a smooth can ensure customers and secure checkout process.

All your eCommerce needs can be fully met with our Magento web development services. And even after your Magento eCommerce website is built and deployed, our offshore Magento development and support team will maintain, monitor and work closely with you to realise the highest possible ROI from your eCommerce deployment.