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Wordpress Development

We provide full service WordPress design, development and consulting services.

WordPress is an open source application powered by PHP and MySQL, which can also be used as a basic content management system. Its major features include user-friendly workflow, rich plugin architecture, web standard, usability and advanced templating system. WordPress can also be installed in almost every hosting environment. Although WordPress started off as as a revolutionary blogging platform, with the dedicated efforts of core WordPress developers and third party developers over the years, WordPress has blossomed into a robust and powerful Content Management System capable of running almost anything. So today WordPress runs anything from simple blogs to corporate websites and online stores. WordPress has become one of the most powerful and affordable open-source content management systems in the market today.

With WordPress, we empower content owners to manage their websites in any way imaginable. And we have experience working with small businesses, service providers, startups, and larger corporations with sophisticated content needs to perform content management system integrations and migrations. So whether you want to build a simple website or you need to integrate features custom user authentication, eCommerce, subscriptions, bulletin boards, social media and so on for a complex project, we have the expertise that you need.

Not only we do perform various integrations with WordPress, we also provide information architecture/wireframes and visual design to make sure your site is designed and developed to be best-in-class. Our WordPress expertise also covers developing state-of-the-art WordPress plugins using best practices and development techniques, and our programmers can make WordPress do anything your business requires using these plugins. The rich plugin architecture of WordPress allows us to extend its abilities beyond the basic features. We are also experts in developing WordPress themes -- themes allow users to change the look and feel and functionality of a website without altering its structure.

Unlike other WordPress developers that rely on WordPress for creating basic websites or blogs, we have the expertise to harness Wordpress’ full suite of modules, plug-ins and themes to give you a powerful and robust CMS solution that is also, affordable and great looking. And we know that after launching the website you are going to need expert support for the constantly evolving changes and requirements. We will be your trusted WordPress partner providing ongoing WordPress maintenance and consulting services.