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Promotion and Evaluation

Even after your content research and analysis is done and your content is created, and your content management system is in place, you still need to invest considerable effort in promoting your content and in evaluating its performance.

At Excellone Technologies we do content promotion in conjunction with our digital marketing and search engine optimisation services. The primary objective of content promotion activities is to bring in more visitors to your website or eCommerce site. Apart from standard SEO practices like submission of your site content to search engines and directories, tweaking the keyword density of your content and getting inbound links to your web pages, content promotion would include all activities pertaining to public relations for your website. These would include promoting your website to online communities and discussion forums, creation of blogs and social media networks, as well as forming business relationships with other websites.

The efficacy of content promotion strategy can be gauged by your web server's statistics and analytics. These would provide information on the number of visitors to your website, the average time they spent on your website, the geographies they came from and so on. Of course, if you have an eCommerce website or an interactive feature on the site such as a simple contact form, you can also find out what percentage of these visitors actually took a certain desired action, and this is where we come to content evaluation.

As with our Conversion Rate Optimisation service, our Content Evaluation specialists are experienced in ensuring that more and more visitors stay back in your site and take the next steps you expect them to. One of the key matrices our consultants would keenly monitor is the bounce rates for your websites, which represents the number of people who come to either your homepage or a landing page and leave abruptly without going further or taking a direct action. Through years of experience in content development and digital marketing, we have gained invaluable experience in reducing the bounce rates for your websites and increasing conversions.