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Responsive Design & Mobile Websites

About 40% of Australian homes will have a tablet computer by 2013, according to a recent survey. Are you going to ignore them?
And with more and more Australians, and people everywhere else, accessing the Internet through their mobile phones and tablet computers, it is imperative that your website is available through these devices. In the early days of the Internet, websites were designed and built to be accessed primarily on the desktop computer or via a laptop computer. But with the explosion of the internet and the multiplicity of devices on which it can be accessed, websites will now have to be built so that they are device neutral – websites that can be accessed on multiple devices and appear and function exactly the same on those devices. This trend will lead to the reduction of the development of platform-specific native web applications.

Responsive design, also sometimes known as Adaptive design or device neutral design, denotes the practice of building websites that respond to the device that you browse them on. And with more and more websites making the shift to mobile-first adaptive design, it’s clearly the new direction web design and web development is taking. The earlier practice was for businesses to create a number of versions of their websites or to create a mobile version of the website.

At Excellone Technologies, we build websites for our customers according to the principles of responsive design so that your offering is available across multiple devices in exactly the same format. Companies such as Time Magazine, Channel 4 News and The Boston Globe have adopted responsive design for their websites.

Alternatively, if you already have a functional website and you want to make it available for mobile devices the easiest way, or create a new “mobile-only” website, we can help create a mobile website for your business in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices. So whether you already have an existing website that you would like to optimise for all devices or you would like to build a website exclusively to be accessed on mobile devices, we have the expertise that you need.