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Wordpress Web Applications

Although WordPress may, at its core, be a blogging platform, we at Excellone Technologies build custom web applications and services for WordPress. We have experience using WordPress to build everything ranging from content front-end websites to custom analytics and data management applications for our customers. While there are many WordPress developers out there who view WordPress as purely a blogging platform, or as a web-publishing platform offering helpful themes and plugins, at Excellone Technologies we believe that WordPress has the potential to be a flexible web application framework that can be used to develop complex web applications. So for us, WordPress is a viable option for web application development.

Since WordPress is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services, it can rightly be considered as a web application framework that helps to alleviate the overhead associated with common activities used in web development. WordPress will also be in active development for years to come and this will ensure that code updates to tighten security, introduce new functionality and improve the overall performance will keep happening frequently. What this means for you as a customer is that you get the added benefit of improving the foundation of your WordPress web apps without having to engage and pay someone to actually code all of it.

So if you are looking at developing a custom web application and have thought of WordPress as a blogging platform and not as a software development stack or an option for application development, we encourage you to talk to our WordPress consultants and developers first to see how we can leverage our expertise to meet your business requirements through WordPress.

However if your requirements call for a very high level of customisation and have interconnection with too many distinct data types, then WordPress may not be the best option. Then you should consider our Drupal solutions or Magneto solutions