Our Magento Story

Our team first started working with e-Commerce web sites in the early part of the year 2000. We had our own shopping cart product by 2003 and its name was ‘Easyshopee Cart’ which had very basic features for a shopping cart software. Since then we have used both proprietary and open source products to deliver e-commerce solutions to our clients from around the world.

Most of the solutions in the market in the early 2000s were not sufficient to deliver great online stores. By the second half of the year 2007 our partners in overseas had great challenges regarding the features of ecommerce platform, pricing and technology they were using. After much discussions with our partners, we finally decided to develop an e-Commerce platform with our partners, invested together and spent around 50 man months for developing the new platform. The work was progressing very well.

But by the next year, 2008, we started hearing about Magento. It matched our dream and offered exactly what we were working to develop. We were quite thrilled by the way it was architectured and its philosophy of development and community involvement. Since it met all the expectations we had of a great e-Commerce platform, and since it was readily and rapidly accepted by the community, we shelved our own development and heartily embraced Magento. Since then, from the year 2008, we have been working with Magento and have served more than 400 extremely satisfied clients.

Today we are well-known to the larger Magento community and most of our Magento development projects come to us from Digital Agencies and other Magento Developers in the US, Europe and Australia. We provide white labelled Magento development services to our partners.

We became Magento community Partner from India along with our partners in 2009. And as of 2009, there was only one other Community partners in India apart from us. This clearly demonstrates the leadership position we continue to enjoy in Magento development in India.

Our association with Magento developed further in the year 2012. With growing work in Magento we realised it was important to acquire Magento certification. There were two certification levels available in 2012: Magento Developer Plus Certification and Magento Developer Certification.

Magento Developer Plus Certification

This certification focuses around Magento Enterprise Edition. Our team has worked with some of the leading web sites in the segment with huge business volumes. Many of these projects were done under white label arrangement with other Magento Agencies.

Binu (in photo) was the first developer in our organisation to get the Magento Developer Plus certification.

Binu is married to Jini and blessed with twin girls Swathi and Swetha. He like country life. He was the architect of their new home. In his spare time he enjoy learning new things.

Magento Developer Certification

This certification focuses on Magento Community Edition. Since we were doing many community edition projects, our developers were quite familiar with Magento Community Edition.

Niya (in photo) was our first Magento certified Developer.
Niya like her Jacobite Syrian Church and try her best to attend Church Services regularly. In her spare time she love to do cooking and gardening.

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