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Interaction Design

Interaction Design defines the structure and behaviour of interactive systems and refers to the process by which meaningful relationships are created between people and the products and services that they use, such as software, computers, electronics and mobile computing devices. It is difficult to come up with a meaningful definition of Interaction Design as it encompasses a vast array of activities and modes of human and electromechanical behaviour. However, Interaction Design can be said to essentially deal with the design of the user-facing parts of a system (such as software or computers) that helps a user perform a specific task. The system is generally tangible, screen-based, control-interface based, or a combination of all three, and is used for both specific tasks and general ones.

It is instructive to know that interaction design is not animation or audio or video. Instead, it is user control and dynamic experience, especially in the context of a website. In the graphical environment of a website, interface design is about constructing visual meaning, so that rather than designing sidebars and menus for navigation, it is actually all about designing spaces and user interactions.

At Excellone Technologies, we have a group of experts in Interaction Design who will be creating interesting and compelling experiences for your users and visitors. We understand that Interaction Design is not just about animation or non-linear navigation on a web page or application, but about your customers can do on your website, what they can participate in and how the website address their needs and goals. The end result of our interaction design process will be better overall user experience, customer satisfaction and more online sales revenues for your business.