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Drupal Multi-Site

Multi-sites in Drupal allow multiple websites or "microsites" to be hosted on a single Drupal installation. The multiple websites or microsites will remain separate sites and have their own distinct features, content, design, themes, modules and so on, but will share a single Drupal database. Drupal Multi-site offers many advantages such as having only a single shopping cart for all of the separate websites, maintaining and upgrading only one set of code, sharing member profiles across all of the separate websites, an independent mobile version of the website and so on.

In particular, multiple websites or microsites can save your company a lot of money if your websites share users, products and services or functionality by code reuse. Excellone Technologies builds Drupal multi-sites that add value to your web offering, offer detailed information about your company's products and services and provide a seamless user experience for your customers.