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Magento Digital Marketing

As far as the digital marketing capabilities of Magento are concerned, it is one of the most search engine friendly of all the eCommerce applications out there. We at Excellone Technologies have extensive experience optimising Magento for search engines. The way to provide search engine optimisation for your Magento eCommerce solution starts with planning well the overall site design of your eCommerce store and choosing the Magento templates to be used. When search engines crawl, read and index your Magento eCommerce website, what they essentially find is the information that is presented by the website.

Sometimes your Magento template has more to do with achieving success in SEO than any other factor. The template defines the code structure of your web pages, and this is a very important consideration in achieving SEO success. In addition to attention to your Magento template for good SEO, attention must also be paid to on-page search engine ranking factors like headers and category titles. Magento URLs can also be used to make your pages search engine friendly. With their deep experience, superior SEO skills and attention to detail, our Magento SEO consultants will ensure that your entire eCommerce website is search engine friendly, and not just specific aspects of it.