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Magento Hosting

Along with our partners we provide Magento hosting services for your eCommerce website. Whether your online business is just getting started or is already gaining traction and getting busier by the day, having a reliable Magento hosting partner that understands your needs is important.

We help you choose the right configuration of servers required for your eCommerce solution and proactively manage your servers along with our hosting partners' own support teams. In addition, our Magento hosting services offer regular backups, the latest operating system updates and security patches and scheduled security sweeps.

Our Magento hosting servers are reliable, robust and run fault-tolerant mirrored RAID drives to safeguard your eCommerce website against hardware failure. And we arrange to provide upgrades to higher configurations with practically zero downtime for your online store. Our Magento hosting network providers has multiple redundant links to the internet with advanced security and uptime monitoring to minimise network downtime, keeping your eCommerce website running round the clock and your customers happy.