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Drupal Training

Excellone Technologies provides training for Drupal users and developers to organisations of all sizes and types. Our Drupal training programmes utilise practical, hands-on exercises and ensure personal attention and guidance in developing and maintaining Drupal sites.

We have a standardised and up-to-date Drupal curriculum, and also offer custom courses to address specific training needs within your organisation in on-site and remote courses. It is the same Drupal developers who bring our projects to life who will train your people, and our consultants will share their invaluable experiences on various Drupal projects to teach you how to get the most from your Drupal installation.

So whether you are a Drupal rookie or a seasoned Drupal professional, our Drupal workshops, custom training sessions and comprehensive longer term training courses will help you take your Drupal skills to the next level, so that if you are looking to try your hand at Drupal or even develop a small Drupal website from the ground up, we offer the training that you need.