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Wordpress Design & User Experience

We build our WordPress websites keeping the user in mind. While this should be obvious to every WordPress developer, very often the little things that create a great user experience design are overlooked. Have you ever visited a website and found that you cannot click on the logo on the inside pages of the site to go back to the homepage? Then you know exactly what we are talking about.

At Excellone Technologies we are committed to giving you a WordPress website that not looks elegant but also provides a smooth user experience to your visitors. We realise that you need both attractive visual design and exceptional user experience to make your website a hit. We approach each of our WordPress website development projects with the question, "Would a first time visitor to the website find the information she is looking for easily and know what to do on the site?”

We are experts in core UXD principles and are also well versed in WordPress-specific user experience design issues that crop up, such as WordPress pagination and the limitations of WordPress' built-in search engine. Overall, our WordPress development service will ensure that you will have a website that is easy to navigate and have a user friendly interface that gives your website a more professional look.