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Mobile Application Development

Excellone Technologies creates on-the-go mobile applications for today's businesses and mobile consumers.

With the rising popularity of the iPhone, Android phones, Windows Phones and the tablets, mobile phone applications (or mobile apps) have become increasingly useful tools for organisations trying to take their engagement with their customers to the next level. A recent report states that a whopping 68% of Australians in the 15-65 age group now have smartphones, and that smartphone penetration in Australia is projected to increase by 50% in the next five years.

With such growth it is imperative that businesses extend their web based application to mobile devices. Mobile devices have redefined consumer behaviour and mobile apps have created solutions that enhance usability, profitability and visibility of businesses. At Excellone Technologies we build high quality iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications that address your business objectives and help you connect with your customers and audiences. Our mobile apps development services offer a full suite of tools and approaches to take your business farther.

If you have an idea to develop an app for your business, we have the experience, expertise and tools to transform your mobile development ideas into a reality. Even if you are unsure of the feasibility of your ideas, we would be happy to sit down with you and offer our consulting expertise in mobile apps development so we can, together, develop an application that will transform your business.

So whether you have the complete specs for your proposed mobile application, or just have an idea for an app, we will be able to help you with our proven experience in mobile app development, design and testing. We help design and develop mobile client applications, client-server applications, database driven mobile applications, mobile applications with web service oriented architecture, and mobile applications that integrate with the web version of software.