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Wordpress Web Services & APls

WordPress web services and APIs (and extended APIs) are used to connect third-party software with WordPress and to integrate WordPress seamlessly with other sources to offer additional data and functionality. WordPress Web Service (WPWS) is used to access WordPress resources via WSDL and SOAP. It allows you to connect WSDL enabled software like Adobe Flex / Flash Builder, Microsoft Visual Studio, PHP, J2EE, etc. to WordPress resources like posts and pages. And an Application Programming Interface (API) is a protocol designed to be used as an interface by components of a software system to communicate with one other.

WordPress web services give you the ability to provide alternative interfaces for your WordPress installation. And one of the biggest advantages of WordPress is that it has a comparatively clean API. We have extensive experience working with WordPress web services and APIs to allow for nearly every conceivable WordPress function to be used for our customers.