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Wordpress Mobile

With the phenomenal growth witnessed by mobile hand-held devices, it is no longer optional for your website to be mobile-friendly. Excellone Technologies has the expertise and experience to create a mobile friendly version of your WordPress site with minimum fuss. There are WordPress plugins and themes that gives you complete control over your mobile WordPress website. These plugins can do everything from detecting a user viewing your website on a mobile device and showing her an interface designed for a mobile device when one is visiting your site through a mobile device.

There are also mobile apps for Wordpress such as WordPress for iOS, WordPress for Windows Phone and WordPress for Android. The WordPress for iOS app allows you to write post and edit pages, upload images and video, manage comments and so on, on your website from your iOS devises. Our experience with WordPress for Windows Phone allows you to manage your website via a Windows Phone while you are on the move. And we also help you manage your website from your Android devices.