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iPad Development

The iPad has revolutionised the way people viewed mobile apps and Excellone Technologies has developed some highly successful iPad apps for our customers. Our long-standing association with Apple products and the iOS platform gives us a clear advantage when it comes to iPad app development. That is why we are the leading destination when it comes to iPad application development for businesses and consumers.

Our understanding of business requirements, backend systems, platforms and how to seamlessly integrate your mobile phone apps into your overall online business strategy is good.

As a leading iPad application development company, we provide our clients customised iPad applications that are robust, engaging and easy to use. We have expertise in designing, developing and deploying leading edge iPad applications that can impact your business positively, boosting customer engagement and sales. So whether you are in the market for an iPad app for your business/eCommerce, entertainment, education, or exploring a new business opportunity, our iPad app development experts can tailor an iPad app that is just right for your requirements.

Our iPad app development leverages iPad's exclusive features like 3-axis accelerometer and the pop-over interface elements, providing your customers a superior interactive experience on the iPad that is optimised for the built-in iPad features.

And if you already own an iPhone app that you now want customised for the iPad, our app developers can reuse large portions of the code and design and save time and money for your iPad app development process. Alternatively, if you are looking to build an iPad-only app, we can provide the exact services that you need.

We can also modify your existing iPhone app to fit in the iPad’s screen. Your iPad app can also be ported to other platforms and we can also build an app across multiple platforms to save you time and money.