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Magento Web Design

Excellone Technologies's user experience design team can design and develop a Magento eCommerce website that is tailor made for your target customers and meets your business requirements. We understand just how important it is for your customers to feel at ease while visiting and navigating your eCommerce website. So we focus on interactive functionality and leverage best-practice conversion optimisation techniques to ensure that successful visits and user experiences on your websites are also converted into purchase transactions.

Our Magento user experience design is geared to creating the right conditions for the visitors to your website to have an unforgettable experience visiting your eCommerce store. We pay special attention to visual design to make the appearance of your online store attractive to your customers; we make sure that your web store's Information Architecture and Interaction Design are top-notch so finding what they want is a breeze; and we make sure your eCommerce site is eminently "usable" by sticking to the best practices in Usability design.

So whether you want to have us design a new branded eCommerce experience for your customers or want us to enhance and redesign your existing online store, we have the expertise to do the job right. Magento eCommerce stores can either be integrated into your existing website or they can be used instead of a website. Either way, we will make your eCommerce website look (and work!) perfectly and customise it to your specific requirements. Our Magento eCommerce store designs are a mix of custom-made and pre-made designs. If you are looking to reduce the time and the cost associated with the design of your Magento eCommerce store, then one of our pre-made designs will be perfect for you.

And even if you want a visually striking, fully customised eCommerce website, the open-source, flexible nature of Magento and our expertise means that you don't have to stretch your marketing budget too much to get what you want.