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Drupal: Customizing Apachesolr Autocomplete feature for content-type wise grouping of keyword suggestions.

Issue: In Drupal, can we group ApacheSolr search autocomplete suggestions bundle wise? For example, if we have three bundle types, those are article, product and company. When we type a keyword in the search box, it should give us the … Continue reading

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Responsive layouts Web design and JQuery

One of the popular contemporary topic among web design and development is responsive layouts web design. Responsive layouts allows the web designers to design attractive websites which are device friendly and thereby increasing the number of users or audience of … Continue reading

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Magento Free Shipping Promotion Rule is not working with some 3rdparty shipping modules

Magento’s Free Shipping Promotion Rule is not working with some 3RDparty shipping modules. Solution: This issue can be resolved by adding some codes to the extension. For example, in Fontis Australia, the below condition was missing. if ($request->getFreeShipping() === true … Continue reading

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Error message from 3rd party Ebizmart’s MagemonkeyMailchimpmodule in magento

Installation ofthe 3rdparty magemonkeymailchimp module in magento, results in an error message in backend tab “Newsletter->Mailchimp->Ecommerce 360 Orders ->Ecommerce360 API Orders”. The error message can be; Fatal Error: Unsupported operand types in Block/Adminhtml/Ecommerceapi/Grid.php on line 34 OR Sometimes a … Continue reading

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Solve the Delay in Mouse Over Effect for button

When using mouse over we use two images for the mose over effect for writing css. We observed a delay Images used are given below Normal state:- Over state:- See below for normal sprite methos shop-now-btn { background: url(“../images/btn-shopnow.png”) no-repeat … Continue reading

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