Digital Marketing, Personalisation and Adobe

Panel Discussion in Progress in Adobe Digital Marketing Seminar in Sydney-2013

In the last three years Adobe has made huge investments in the Digital Marketing space, a space that is continuously evolving (and constantly growing).

The ongoing evolution in the worldwide web has led to phenomenal and fundamental changes in the market space and crated newer capabilities to target messages to very narrow segments and also to measure one’s return on investments more accurately.

According to the APAC Digital Marketing Performance Report 2012, only 6% of the respondents believed that their digital marketing was ‘highly evolved’. So what about the remaining 94%? And what is the great opportunity that Digital Marketing offers them?

The great opportunity available today for these companies is to identify, target and reach very narrowly and specifically defined groups of audiences in the digital space. It goes without saying that they can choose from multiple channels to reach them digitally. It is also possible to collect and interpret data in real time so as to optimise one’s marketing strategy and marketing spend.

Today’s Digital CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) do not simply want another collection of complicated tools. They want to deliver a consistent digital marketing strategy and provide the maximum level of personalisation to their customers.

Adobe offers the following 5 components in the Marketing cloud:

  • Social Marketing
  • Media optimisation
  • Digital analytics
  • Testing and targeting
  • Web experience management

This marketing cloud enables companies to view the results of their total marketing investment in one place. For example, one can track Social Media campaign, Websites performance, Keywords monitoring etc. in one place through devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Personalisation and Targeting

Marketing cloud from Adobe provides enhanced capabilities for Personalisation and Targeting.

This means that marketers can use data to provide the right offer, channel and content to potential customers and derive the expected result in real time. Surprisingly it can manage even last millisecond ‘one to one’ services. For example the time between a client clicking a link and the response associated with it.

For companies today, gathering large amounts of such data and analysing it can help create a wealth of information that will enable making smarter decisions such as where to invest, what rates of returns to invest and how to safeguard the investment, much before making the investments.

With Adobe putting these services in the cloud, it now means that companies can look after their data , content and software in a secure, scalable and open platform. Some of the businesses that are currently using Adobe Marketing Cloud include Commonwealth Bank, Fairfax, Vodafone, Hyatt, Crate and Barrell

With Tony Katsadaris, Head of Operations, Adobe, Australia


Digital Marketing is not a simple task as it is made out to be in some quarters. It is certainly a complicated matter designing a digital strategy because of the number of channels, methods of engagement and services involved.

Cloud based marketing solutions like that offered by Adobe can address the challenges in the evolving digital space. But the million-dollar question from the SME segment is, Is it affordable? Not to all.

There will be interesting things we will witness in the open source community in the near future. For those who cannot afford these great solutions from Adobe at this stage, it is worth watching this growing segment to see what developments are soon going to take place.

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