Google really penalize websites, which are not responsive?

Google Engineer Yoshikiyo Kate wrote a nice article on behalf of their Mobile search team and Pierre Far, Webmaster Trends Analyston 11 July 2013. This generated lot of interest in the SEO community.

The screen shot of this is given below from the Google Webmaster central blog.You can find this article here

Jill Whalen famous SEO consultant commented about this article and commented “Google is concerned about is misconfigured mobile sites as opposed to sites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. These are two completely different things.”

For sure Google understand huge change in the society and how they access web. It look like google planning to reward those who are taking right steps towards responsive/mobile websites.

In this article Yoshikiyo Kate, Google Engineer is talking about recommendations and common configuration mistakes of the mobile websites. In addition to this he wrote in detail about

Faulty re-directs
Smartphone-only errors

In this article Google has given very clear guidelines for building quality mobile friendly sites. This shows the commitment of Google to promote web sites, which are friendly to smartphones and tablets. This commitment should reflect in thegoogle search engine rankings.

If you are serious about your customers find you through the mobile devises and serious about your search ranking in Google, it is high time to go for mobile/ responsive websites and ensure it is configured correctly.

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