Mobile App Development – Framework expectations

Mobile App Development – Framework expectations
One of of our potential clients asked the following question recently:
Weed to know what you plan to use to develop the application. What type of framework expectations should we have for both iOS and Android?

The following was portion of the response from the development Team

1. Technology stack

Android app
Programming language: Native Android SDK
Development Environment: Eclipse IDE + ADT
Local database: SQLite DB

iPhone app
Programming language: Native iOS SDK
Development Environment: XCode
Local database: SQLite DB

Remote Database
Database: MySQL DB

Web Services
PHP web services transaction as JSON record set
Slim framework based REST APIs for CRUD services

2. Design

FluidUI – for UI prototype design
Adobe Illustrator – for UI design

3. Development

Android ADT Bundle
iPhone XCODE
Facebook API
Google Maps API
Weather API

4. Database

Local DB – SQLite
Remote DB - MySQL

5. Testing

Testing – Manual testing
Testing – Multiple device form factor testing

6. Overall project management

Trello dashboard

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