Magento: Some product view page become blank

When take the view of the product view in Magento, some product pages shows blank page but other product pages are working fine. This blog try to explore some solution for this


When one get issues like such as the blank page for some of the product view page, check the each of functions used in the product view page. When checking the function, there is a possibility that one can find the PHP functions of the mbstring extension like mb_detect_encoding().

Then check the PHP environment through the phpinfo(). From the displayed list of the PHP extension, probably one couldn’t see the mbstring PHP extension.

Good idea to check with server support team for installing and enabling the mbstring extension. After it is enabled, the product view page of all products should work fine.

Some of the Magento extensions used the mbstring php function. For eg: Technooze magento module has one feature like display Meta Description Tag on Product View Page. In this, one of the mbstring PHP function named mb_detect_encoding() is used.

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