How do you find a reliable offshore partner for Magento Development?

This must be a question that is playing on the minds of anyone toying with the idea of outsourcing at least a part of the Magento Development work that they do.

Magento became the leading ecommerce platform in a very short period of time and there are many companies in the market today offering Magento based solutions. With increased demand and competition for Magento Development, entrepreneurs are looking to reap the benefits of outsourcing.

And when companies and entrepreneurs do look for reliable web development companies in Asia and Eastern Europe to outsource to, it is just not easy to find those who can deliver a superior product with quality, consistency and promptness.

Here is one example. Recently we had a chat with Mike (name changed for privacy reasons), a Magento designer based in Sydney who narrated the harrowing ordeal he experienced with some Magento developers he had previously partnered with. Some of them were based in Asia and some were based in Australia itself.

Now Mike is an accomplished web designer with an awesome design portfolio. After working in the Industry for about a decade, he decided to start his own digital agency specialising in developing Online Stores using Magento.

He would design the sites himself and the coding and integration part he used to outsource to other developers. Needless to say, the sites looked terrific, with amazing look and feel. But he just couldn’t get the Magento programmers to deliver exactly what he needed.

Now, after almost a year, he is a frustrated man. His experience with most of the developers and contractors was that they gave good delivery initially, but then slowly the quality began to slip and challenges started to emerge. It is a great challenge for people like Mike to find developers providing consistent, quality delivery.

He was communicating well, the systems implemented were great, the portfolio of the partners were great, but dealing with development partners was nevertheless a big problem.

Mike’s main complaint was that the developers never took ownership of the project. They just did what they were asked to do.

After his experience, we offered the following advice to Mike:

Try to relate with a company (an incorporated business entity) rather than a freelancer or a contractor.

A freelancer usually has a lot of concerns about his next project and income stability. He is usually worried about landing his next project and marketing himself.

So when a more rewarding project comes his way, he takes it up and slowly begin to neglect the projects he has already committed to.

But a company/business offers more stability and usually have more people and resources. They would also have a system to manage the work flow of projects. They also can hire new staff if required.

Don’t look for getting cheapest deal

There are very cheap options available in the market today. It may appear to be a great deal for a few months but later it will prove to be an expensive mistake.

As a rule of thumb aim for only around 50% cost savings. Good resources cost good money anywhere. Your partnering company needs to hire talented resources. Not going for cost savings beyond this would help produce quality and consistency in the delivery and performance.

Then a reasonable question might arise: What is a reasonable offshore Magento development pricing?

We plan to write an article about that. For now, to find the pricing details of excellone please check web development pricing page.

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