How Search Engines index dynamically generated product pages and the best practises to be followed


Can you share please some material on how search engines will index dynamically generated product pages, and what good practices (top 3) must be followed.


Google will index sitemap.xml and feed.xml regularly as they crawl our main website pages. Because we will submit sitemap and feed XML files in the Google webmaster tools and will request Google to regularly follow them.

Google will actually follow all links even if we are not specifying the URL’s.

generally we need to specify Google if we doesn’t want a page to get cached.

So whenever a new product page is added, the product should be updated in the sitemap.xml. If the site a sophisticated backend then the sitemap and feed can be made to auto update by itself.

Also we need to make sure the page has proper URL and correct product name as the page title (without any duplication of other page titles), Google will automatically index the newly added product page(s).

Again here are the best practices to be followed by any ecommerce website:

  1. A good user friendly backend which easily supports addition, categorization and deletion of products. Also the

    site should have a neat SEO friendly design.

  2. The URL’s should be SEO friendly . Navigation should be easy and products should be listed under right categories.
  3. Sitemap.xml and feed.xml should be automatically updated. They will be initially submitted in the Google webmaster tools and if we update both (which the backend can help), Google will take care of the rest.
  4. Proper and unique page titles and METAS are ABSOLUTELY important for search engines to index each and every product page and we need the help of a SEO expert to write unique SEO friendly descriptions.
  5. Then comes Ecommerce tracking and ROI metrics. This comes under conversion optimization.

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