Salesforce and Drupal

In the last decade Salesforce has grown into a proven CRM in the cloud.

The native Native Drupal CRM-RedHen CRM is widely used among the Drupal professionals. Managing contacts, relationships, tracking engagement, etc are efficiently possible here. RedHen follows best Drupal practises.

When RedHen is available what is the need and future of Salesforce Suite in Drupal?

Drupal suite is there sincethe days of Drupal 5. There huge work happening with Salesforce Suite for Drupal 7 and 8 by multiple organisations.

Some of the areas where more work happening in these days include:

  • Access control to keep the passwords and usernames safe
  • Entity and Object mapping to help non technical users to map data between two systems
  • Synchronisation between Drupal and Salesforce.

There are many paid salesforceintegration products in the market. There are many Drupal shops like excellone working on Salesforce integration.

It is worth watching Drupal website for Salesforce Suite to know what is happening new

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