Salesforce in CeBIT Sydney, Australia- 2013

Salesforce had the biggest stall in the CeBIT. This was the most popular stall in the CeBIT.

Sell, Service, Market, Share was the punch line for Salesforce.

The way brand power has gone public and how customer engagement affects companies has changed the way of doing business. Today companies have to actively listen, join the conversation and engage customers. Salesforce helps companies to become customer companies.

There is huge interest from the service providers to deliver salesforce based solutions. Some of the Diamond sponsors included Accenture, LinkedIn, Marketo&Deloitte.

Social marketing is getting greater. For example LinkedIn Sales solution helps to fill the pipelines with relationships and social data. You get warm introductions by extending network.

excellone help our Drupal, WordPress and Magento clients with Salesforce CRM integration solutions.

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